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There’s clear and present danger confronting all internet users from ever growing and evolving malware, cyber crime and cyber terrorism.

Comodo® employs a team of over 600 people who have a passion for meeting these challenges head on – Creating Trust Online® for individuals, internet merchants, small to medium businesses and large enterprises.


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Comodo® SSL Certificates & Encryption

Encrypting sensitive information at all stages of its lifecycle is a proven method of keeping it safe from hackers. Strong Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption through digital certificates ensures that the encrypted information can only be used by authorized parties.

Servers of all types exchanging information over the internet use Comodo SSL Certificates to create a private, encrypted channel of communications with those accessing them, preventing unauthorized access of that information by hackers.

The industry’s broadest array of digital certificates encrypt the information exchanged between a site and a site visitor, preventing unauthorized use of that information by hackers. Website visitors recognize a site using digital certificates when they see a yellow padlock or green browser address bar.

Authentication is at the heart of trust – it’s the process of confirming that something or someone is genuine. Hackers are counterfeiters and impersonators – they thrive on deception. Trust is created when individuals, businesses, websites or software publishers are authenticated to ensure that they are who they say they are, and that their information has not been tampered with. This trust is the core of successful online businesses and trusted online interactions.

Comodo® Extended Validation SSL Certificates provide the highest level of business authentication available according to standards set forth by the CA/Browser Forum. The green HTTPS browser address bar assures visitors they are interacting with a verified business on a secured domain.

Comodo® Code-Signing Certificates provide assurance of a software publisher’s identity and that a software program being installed has not been modified or altered since creation.

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