Legacy Software


Do you have a software that no longer fits your requirements or meets your needs?

This is legacy system that probably was helpful in the past, but today it drags down user experience, lacks support, or can no longer be maintained.

You are no longer benefiting from legacy systems or seeing enough ROI by this point.

A true legacy system has lost utility for your business and now making an investment in new technology delivers a bigger return than keeping the existing system.


If you have a legacy system costing your business, then updating your system can come with some pretty strong benefits.

Stay ahead of the competition

In many instances, updating a legacy system can represent a strong competitive advantage for organizations.

By bringing in a new system that doesn’t carry the costs of the legacy system, you can save costs for other investments and priorities. 

Better technology for your customers can help you move the needle with your CX and UX initiatives, which can, in turn, attract customers. 

Current systems built with today’s security standards can increase your customers’ trust in your services and give you an advantage.

Steps To Modernize

Legacy Systems

As we at Linkedware work to modernize systems, we will look at where your legacy system falls short today and what can be done, if anything, to transform your existing system. If necessary, we can prepare to replace it altogether. Since there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, taking time to properly assess and prepare a transition plan is important to the long-term success of your modernization project.

We adapt these steps to your organization’s needs

Assess your current systems.

Find the approach that is the best fit for your organization.

  • Replace
  • Rebuild
  • Rehost
  • Rearchitect
  • Replatform
  • Code Refractor
  • Encapsulation

Build a timeline for transitioning the legacy system.

Document all changes to systems for future growth.

Start implementing modernization plan.

Are you ready to modernize your legacy software?